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Live Personal Support till 11PM 7 Days a Week We know it's hard to change your schedule to meet with lawyers, so we changed our hours to serve you better.
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The Law Offices of Stephen H. Shub (Real Estate Lawyer Toronto .com) serve home buyers and sellers in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario looking for a real estate lawyer they can feel secure & confident in. Homeowners who appreciate personal, reliable and dependable service; knowing all their legal fees up front; and getting their keys on closing without any hassles.

Residential Real Estate (Home Legal Services) is our ONLY business and that separates us from many other law firms in Toronto that focus on a variety of legal services unrelated to residential real estate. Their resources are sometimes spread too thinly across various types of assignments. Many firms barely ever give you the chance to talk to a real person, let alone your lawyer (unless they can bill you for extra fees).

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We built our business around you. After 40 years in the home legal field, we learned a thing or two about what people want in a real estate lawyer and we continually work on improving our approach to meet your needs.

The people we serve want;

  • to feel secure & confident that their lawyer will do whatever it takes to protect their interests and close the deal on time,

  • everything handled for them with the least interruption to their daily schedules,

  • to speak to real people on the phone to 11pm 7 days and not computer attendants or voicemail systems and to experience quality personal service & attention to their interests,

  • convenient and easy access to the lawyer's office, with evening and Saturday hours

  • troubleshooting expertise and the know-how and resources to handle complicated, time-sensitive issues,

  • and the number one thing most people want is a lawyer that charges predictable REASONABLE FEES and delivers excellent value!

If this sounds like you and you want to learn more about us and how we work, please check out the following links:

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