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Live Personal Support till 11PM 7 Days a Week We know it's hard to change your schedule to meet with lawyers, so we changed our hours to serve you better.
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Real Estate Lawyers Toronto - Home Legal Services

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transfer taxes. Then print out the quotation certificate and phone one of our 11 locations to provide your preliminary personal information.

If you are looking to buy, sell or refinance a home anywhere in Southern Ontario and need a real estate lawyer you can depend on to ensure your deal closes successfully, you are in the right place.

Security & peace of mind are key in hiring a real estate lawyer. Buying or selling a home and moving are very busy and stressful times for most people. We understand that and make every effort to give you peace of mind until the deal is done and you get your keys on closing.

Personal Service to you is our top priority. In fact, we built our entire business around you.

  • We expanded to 11 locations to make it easier for you to access us.

  • We have extended working hours, so you will never have to take time off work to visit us.

  • We have a staff of 20 and can communicate with you in 10 Languages.

  • Our team possesses the know-how and the resources to handle and troubleshoot nearly any legal matter related to residential real estate. We are on your side.

  • We provide predictable REASONABLE FLAT RATES and let you know all your home legal costs upfront!

We have a full complement of services to help anyone needing to purchase, sell or refinance a home. Click on each of the links below to learn more about each service.






Real estate lawyer / attorney Stephen H. Shub, the principal and owner of STEPHEN H. SHUB PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION, has over 36 years of experience in residential real estate and has successfully closed over 52,000 deals (and counting). If the name sounds familiar, you may have come across our other website (HomeLegalCost.com) in your search. RealEstateLawyerToronto.com is a new website designed and planned from the ground up to be of service to you.

Home legal services is our only business! By keeping our focus exclusively on residential real estate law, we have an advantage over other law firms who spread their time & resources across various fields of law. Over the years, we invested in and established systems and processes to get your deal done with incredible accuracy, efficiency & speed, which is the main reason why we can offer you predictable and reasonable flat rate fees.

Knowing all your home legal costs upfront means no surprises later! Countless clients have come to us with horror stories about how their last closing nearly sent them into bankruptcy. Use our Online Quotation System right now to know what your fees will be and you can plan your budget accordingly. Disbursements, land transfer tax, legal fees and title insurance are all included in the online quotation.

We can troubleshoot and handle challenging cases. Have an existing tenant? Need bridge financing? The homeseller needs more time? We will help you work it out.

It is our willingness to help, to go the extra mile, to be approachable and accessible, to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns that has made the difference in our business. If you would like to learn more about our firm, please click the links below:

- Who We Serve?

- Why Choose Us?

- Client Testimonials

What To Do Now?

Get a free quotation to know all your legal costs upfront for no later suprises. Then print out the quotation certificate and phone one of our 11 locations to provide your preliminary personal information to begin the processing of your legal services. Then read through the rest of the site and access the resources we prepared for you to make your purchase, sale or refinancing of a home a successful one.

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