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Notary Services in Toronto
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Notary Services

(ONLY available at our Yonge/Finch Head Office to Existing Clients)

Our head office provides notary services in:

  • Affidavits,
  • Oaths,
  • Notarizations,
  • Commissioner matters,
  • Solemn Declarations,
  • Affirmations,
  • Certified or Notarized Copies,
  • Certify or Notarize a matter,
  • Swearing Declarations,
  • Sworn Statements,
  • True copies notarized

Central GTA Location and Extended Appointment Hours

Our head office, located at 9555 Yonge Street, Suite 306, Richmond Hill, has free unrestricted surface parking and accepts appointments for notary services PROVIDED THAT such appointments are pre-arranged through our receptionist at 416-730-2833. For map location, click here.

NOTE: Our branch offices (outside of our head office location at Yonge and Finch) are NOT available for notarizations.

Requirements for Notary Services

Typically a customer/client must be able to:

(a) Show a valid unexpired photo identification prior to signing a document. Acceptable photo identification includes a passport, a driver's licence, a citizenship card but NOT an Ontario health insurance card.

(b) If your notarization service is related to completing an insurance proof of loss claim form or a governmental form, you MUST NOT sign or date the form until you attend in our office and you must complete any personal information on the form before attending our offices.

(c) For a certified copy of a document to be completed by our offices, you must show the original document when you attend in our offices.

Costs/Fees (GST is to be added)

a) Governmental Forms, Insurance Proof of Loss Forms and Notarized/Certified copies

Fees range from $50.00 to $89.00 depending on the notary services being provided with any notarization sessions (not exceeding a half hour) being a maximum fee of $89.00 regardless of the number of notarizations, provided the customer has the forms to be completed and has filled in all forms to be completed and has filled in all available and applicable personal information prior to signing. For notarized/certified copies, the customer must show the original document.

b) Drafting an Original Document where customer has no Form to be completed

If our offices must draft all terms and fully prepare a document such as an affidavit or a statutory declaration under oath (where the customer has NO form to be completed and signed) our fee is $75.00 for a one page drafted document. Such fee includes up to five fully signed copies.

Contact Us/Appointment

When calling our reception for an appointment at 416-730-2833, inform our receptionist as to what type of notary services are required, such as:

(1) a certified/notarized copy of an original document in customer's possession;

(2) an affidavit /commissioner matter where customer's signature is to be witnessed

e.g. "Sworn before me..."

for a matter to be submitted within Canada or for a Canadian immigration office or for a Canadian Consulate/Embassy;

(3) an affidavit/commissioner matter where the document is to be used outside Canada and NOT for a Canadian Consulate or Canadian Immigration matter;

(4) a document requiring services of only a NOTARY/NOTARY PUBLIC, not being a document which can also be completed by a Commissioner for Oaths. Be aware that appointments requiring only a NOTARY or NOTARY PUBLIC have more restricted (shorter) hours for appointments than items merely requiring services of a Commissioner for Oaths in Ontario.


Phone 416-730-2833
Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
(closed for statutory holiday)

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